[Gist] Between Wizkid , Burna Boy And Olamide , Which Of These Artistes Do You Listen To The Most Everyday ?

Daily, when we wake up there are songs we play or listen to in traffic while going to work or even when we turn on our radio.
Mostly, a Nigerian DJ plays a Wizkid , Olamide and Burna Boy song everyday.
For Wizkid , it’s understandable. Who wouldn’t want to listen to Africa’s biggest? Or he’s not the GOAT right now?
Listening to a song like Ojuelegba might bring tears to you or give you strength to become the best at what you do. Say My Name and No Lele are songs that describes his struggles too while struggling. And when you step into the club, the DJ can’t fail to play Fever , Caro or
Jaiye Jaiye.
Olamide on the other hand is every street kid’s favourite. An example of why any child from the street can become what he aims to achieve.
Pop records like Voice of the street are worthy of knocking sense into your head. Bobo , Wo and Science Student are songs that brings in vibes.
Burna Boy is probably the second coming of Fela. You want to think, dance, vibe or foe inspiration, Burna Boy ‘s music seems to be the complete kit.
Ye would inspire you, Gbona would make you vibe while at work, Rock Your Body will make you think about your girlfriend, On The Low is that turn up party vibe song.
So guys, it’s a tough pick when it comes to that artiste we listen to, the most everyday.
Between Wizkid, Olamide And Burna Boy, Which Of These Artistes Do You Listen To The Most Everyday?
Let’s hear from you guys…

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